Modular tiles

Cogi - sistemi per controsoffitti modulariVIMA TERMOACUSTICA products comply with the prescriptions dictated by the European standard EN 13964, which governs the geometric, static and fire behavior characteristics of the false ceiling components and membranes. The structures are made of aluminum alloy 3005 or galvanized steel DX51D + Z and in both cases they can be pre-painted with polyester resins. The membranes are made of aluminum alloy 3005 pre-painted in the color as per our table. The types of painting can be differentiated according to the environmental conditions of the place of use of the false ceiling or cladding. Reference standard EN 13964. The MET false ceiling system allows the designer to choose the desired aesthetic results by creating a monolithic screen, but easily accessible for maintenance. The plant terminals such as lighting bodies, smoke detectors, vents and CDZ can be integrated with appropriate accessories.